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The Ribbon'ed Wreath

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This is a simple set with a couple of signs, one welcome, and

a few buttons and your choice of background.

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As always, remember to right click and save the graphic to

your own computer, disk or cd.  If you need help, please ask.

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The font used was Tabitha.

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If you use any of our graphics, please let us know.  We would

enjoy visiting your site and will provide a link back.

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This set has a few different styles to choose from all with a

basic white background.




The Background on the table above doesn't show correctly

here, but just right click and copy.  It's a side border background

without the ribbon, but with two wreaths.



The background above is a tiled one with the wreaths on it in a

smaller size and muted lighter.



The above background is like the tiled one above, but the wreath has

a raised look.


Storme Designs(9207 bytes)

If you use any of these graphics, please provide a link back to



I do not know where this graphic came from.  If it belongs to anyone,

please advise for credit and or will remove at your request.


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Our bow was retied on December 29, 2003.