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Happy Holidays to All!


Christmas Santa Quilt -New 2005

Christmas Nativity Quilt - New 2005

Halloween Quilt - New 2005

Autumn Quilt

St. Patrick's is being celebrated at The Wearing of the Green Quilt.

Celebrate Valentine's at our Storme Valentine Quilt

and Storme Valentine Quilt II

Celebrity Quilt


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Our Main Quilt page is at  Storme Millennium Quilt

Storme Millennium Quilt II

Storme Millennium Quilt III

New Year's 2005 Quilt!

Garden of Friendship Name Quilt

Garden of Friendship Quilters - Name Quilt 2

Millennium Friendship Garden Quilt features GOF Quilter's Club Members

squares also.

Birthday Quilt from the Garden of Friendship

Birthday Quilt 2005from the Garden of Friendship Quilter's Club.

Squares for your quilt by me can be found at Storme's Quilt Exchange.


You can use the templates below and send a square for the quilt or

send any Holiday quilt squaresyou have to our quilt

through the themail graphic link below.

Storme Winter Quilt 2


The frame on this page and background were made using Redfield's Jama

Filter.  I have a tutorial to make the fame and link for the free filter at

Diamond Tweed Frame Tutorial.




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Thanks to Kurt's Dhtml for our snow!


Our quilt was edited on January 2, 2006.

We thank Tripod for a place to hang our quilt.