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The tree below was from Kimberly to the Quilter's Group. Thank you!

Send a Christmas Tree!


Our Main Quilt page is at  Storme Millennium Quilt

Storme Millennium Quilt II

Storme Millennium Quilt III


Halloween Quilt - New 2005

Autumn Quilt

St. Patrick's is being celebrated at The Wearing of the Green Quilt.

Celebrate Valentine's at our Storme Valentine Quilt

and Storme Valentine Quilt II

Celebrity Quilt


Garden of Friendship Name Quilt

Garden of Friendship Quilters - Name Quilt 2

We celebrated the New Year with our New Year's Quilt!

We have a lovely Valentine Quilt at Storme's Valentine Quilt.

with fireworks and  Valentine Quilt II

Birthday Quilt from the Garden of Friendship


Squares for your quilt by me can be found at Storme's Quilt Exchange.


You can use the templates below and send a square for the quilt or

send any Holiday quilt squares you have to our quilt

through the the mail graphic link below.


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Thanks to Kurt's Dhtml for our snow!


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