Garden Wing Gallery II

  I have received many wonderful graphics and more from my wonderful

friends in the Garden of Friendship to share with you. 


I've played many games and entered contests at the Garden.

So surprised to place 1st!


A new activity recently was to add to a paragraph and create

a story.  Click on the below graphic to read the story!

Lovely Graphic of my tutorials with the tutorial group.






The Site Review Committee is  a great group!



My Garden of Friendship Main page is at the Garden of Friendship Wing.

My gifts, awards and more  from the Garden are at the Garden of

 Friendship GalleryWing and at the Garden Friendship Gallery Wing II.

My angel gifts from the Garden's Angels are at the Garden of Friendship Angel Wing.

My Gifts from the Garden's Blossoms are At Storme's Blossom Garden.

I belong to the Quilter's club and have many quilting pages including my

Garden of Friendship Quilter's Club Name Quilt. Most of my quilts contain

member's squares.


The Garden graciously created 2003  Birthday and Anniversary pages for us.

Please visit my 2004  Birthday or Anniversary pages and see the beautiful work they do!

Anniversary 2005 and 2005 Quilt.

Birthday 2005

Birthday 2006


Visit the Garden at


Sign or View My Guestbook



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I am slowly trying to get many online.  I did lose some in a

computer crash or cd damage, please feel free to resend them, thanks.


The gallery was reframed on June 11, 2008.